Kielbasa Euro Deli, located in beautiful Williamsburg, Virginia, is happy to serve you authentic Polish food.
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As our community grows, so does the demand for multi-regional products. Here at Kielbasa Euro Deli, we cater to such needs with authentic Polish kielbasa, golabki, and pierogi. Whether you’ve never experienced the traditional Polish kitchen or you’ve been without the tastes of home for too long, we have all the Polish goods you’re looking for. To ensure you receive nothing but the finest in Polish products, we work with the professional distributors at Square Enterprises.
More Than Just Great Food, Package Delivery
In addition to being your one-stop stop for Polish delicacies, Kielbasa Euro Deli can conveniently send your packages to various Eastern European countries including Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, and Estonia.
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